For nursery school parents

For parents of children in nursery school

What to pack for kindergarten:
Indoor shoes - the best choice is sandals with a light sole (doesn’t stain the floor) that allow air to pass through and support the foot.
A change of indoor clothes - both underwear and play clothes. You never know when there might be a little mishap.
Weather-appropriate outdoor clothing that can withstand vigorous play (i.e. may get dirty)
Exercise clothes - T-shirt, shorts
Comb, facial tissues
Pajamas/nightgown if desired.

Recommendations for parents to prepare their child before they start attending kindergarten
1. Expand the child's social circle; leave the child with family members or close friends for a few hours! This way, the child learns to cope with interruptions of emotional contact with their mother.
2. Establish a daily schedule at home that is close to the schedule at kindergarten.
3. Teach the child to eat, dress, use the potty, keep clean, and organize the play area independently.
4. Raise your child to be independent (so they would be able to find ways to play).
5. Wean the child from bad habits (sucking on fingers, pacifier).
6. Ensure your child is strong and healthy as a healthy child quickly adapts to the rhythm of life at kindergarten.

First month at kindergarten
1. In the first week, we recommend that a close person bring the child to kindergarten for a few hours. Take the child home before the afternoon nap.
2. So as to establish a favorable emotional background for adapting, we recommend that the child bring a beloved toy from home.
3. Introducing the child to the rhythm of life at kindergarten, consider three stages:
a. Initially, the child looks at the toys and the surroundings.
b. Thereafter the child begins to use different tools.
c. Only then does the child take a look at other children and gets involved in ongoing activities.
4. In the second week, let the child stay at kindergarten for the afternoon nap.
5. In the third or fourth week, the child should stay at kindergarten for longer.

You may pack the following items:
1. Bib
2. Stuffed animal
3. Favorite toy
Always pack the following items:
1. Diapers (if required)
2. Change of clothes (including underwear)
3. Indoor shoes
4. Sleeping clothes
5. Facial tissues (paper tissues)
6. Exercise class clothes