Admission and exclusion

The kindergarten admits children below compulsory school age that live permanently in the administrative territory of the City of Tallinn if the residence of the child and the child’s parent(s) is registered in the Estonian Population Register as situated in Tallinn. In case of vacancies, the kindergarten admits children from outside of Tallinn.
Residents of the City of Tallinn must complete an application for admission to a child care institution on the basis of the child's birth certificate, indicating up to three kindergarten choices and the time of requesting a place. The application can also be completed on site at the first-choice kindergarten at a meeting with the kindergarten’s Head.
The Head of the kindergarten issues a printout of the entry of the place application into the information system.
The selected kindergartens for which the child is on the waiting list can be changed; however, making a new choice means canceling a previous choices and submission of a new application for admission to a child care institution.
The e-service for applying for a kindergarten place in Tallinn allows one to apply for a place in a municipal kindergarten in the City of Tallinn if the residence of the child and at least one parent is registered in the population register as situated in Tallinn. A parent can submit up to three kindergarten choices through the e-service by making separate requests for each kindergarten. Later, the parent can view, amend, and delete the applications they submitted. If there is a vacancy in the selected kindergarten, the parent can immediately confirm their acceptance of that place. If a parent wants a kindergarten place in the future or there are currently no vacancies in a particular kindergarten, the parent can view the position and progress of their child on the list of applicants for a kindergarten place. All place proposals and parents' confirmations are made through the e-service in Tallinn Education Department's self-service environment.
If there are no vacancies in relevant kindergarten, the child can remain on the waiting list as an applicant for a place. When kindergarten places become available, they are filled based on the order of applicants on the waiting list.
The e-service can be accessed in Tallinn Education Department's self-service environment at (direct link to the service:
The Head of the kindergarten informs the parent in writing of the opportunity for the given child to be admitted to a vacant a place in the child care institution within five working days as from May 1.
By May 15 at the latest, the parent must provide a written confirmation if they choose to accept the offered place at the kindergarten; if no such confirmation is provided, the child's information will be deleted from the lists of applicants for a place in kindergarten.
When a child is admitted to a kindergarten, their information is deleted from the waiting lists of other kindergartens.

Exclusion from kindergarten
• To exclude a child from kindergarten, the parent submits an application to the Head of the kindergarten. The application is submitted no later than two weeks before the child's departure.
• Upon a child leaving a child care institution, the parent undertakes to pay the parents’ own contribution until the date of the child's exclusion from the child care institution.
• If the parent has failed to pay the parents’ contribution within two months of the payment deadline, the Head of the child care institution informs the parent in writing of the debt and provides an additional deadline for payment of the debt. If the debt is not paid by said deadline, the Head excludes relevant child from the child care institution.
(Excerpt from the procedure for children’s admission to and exclusion from preschool child care institutions)

Processing of personal data
Tallinn Fairytale Kindergarten processes personal data for and upon performance of tasks assigned to the local government and its institutions by the law and legislation issued on the basis thereof. The processing of personal data is based on provisions of the Republic of Estonia Personal Data Protection Act ( and the instructions of the Republic of Estonia Data Protection Inspectorate ( on the processing of personal data.
More information: Processing of personal data

For a more detailed overview of the institution's data processing go to Tallinn’s data processing register at (in Estonian).
Data processing activities of a specific institution can be found as follows:
- click on the "otsing" (search) box;
- then click on the "vali asutus" (select institution) and type the name of the kindergarten/school in the box that opened above;
- then click the "otsi" (search) and click the name of the kindergarten/school (marked in red) on the drop down list;
- finally, click the blue "otsin" (search) button below.
Thereafter, a list of all of the kindergarten’s/school’s data processing activities opens and you can view the description of each data processing operation by clicking "vaatan" (view).