Fundamental values

Tallinn Fairytale Kindergarten is quite unique in its region with its highly professional team that seeks to support families in preparing their children for school, thus valuing cultural tradition, cooperation, and openness.
Tallinn Fairytale Kindergarten, a safe child care institution with an excellent learning environment, involves happy children, cooperative parents, and qualified and motivated staff.
Fundamental values at the kindergarten:
We seek to establish opportunities and conditions for the development of an integral personality in an individual who is socially sensitive, mentally alert, self-confident, considerate of fellow human beings, and values the environment. Means and methods of achieving this: age-appropriate environment; the opportunity to choose learning tool and toys through everyday activities; individual approach; creative toys and activities
Any and all communication in our kindergarten is rooted in respect and esteem; mutual enrichment and support; mutual learning and studying together; continuous learning and development.
Team work
The family, the kindergarten, other children, and different environments all take part in a child's learning process: theater, music, art, school. Cooperation and joint work is carried out in the following formats: child-child, child-teacher, child-parent, parent-teacher, teacher-teacher, and management-teacher.
• Our learning and working environment is creative, goal-oriented, inquisitive, and pleasant.
We thrive to maintain and strengthen a child's health and to promote their emotional, moral, aesthetic, social, spiritual, and physical development. Means and methods of achieving this: healthy lifestyle; uniform requirements in kindergarten; introduction and promotion of healthy lifestyles (habits) and good behavior as a way of life.